16:49, Thursday, 9th November, 2017

Day 1 of the Uganda Open has progressed well and round 2 is currently under way. The playing hall is filled to capacity with more than 200 players participating between the two fields.

There were few major surprises in the first round and all the main favorites have progressed smoothly to date.

A pleasant surprise was the arrival of 5 DGT boards from Terrain Chess Academy in Kenya and live games will hopefully be available from round 3 once the required set-up can be completed overnight.

Round 2 pairings from the open event are available at http://chess-results.com/tnr308457.aspx?lan=1&art=2&rd=2&turdet=YES&flag...

Round 2 pairings for the U1600 event can be found at http://chess-results.com/tnr311777.aspx?lan=1&art=2&rd=2&turdet=YES&flag...

It is already clear that the event is going to be hard fought and KCF would like to congratulate the Ugandan Chess Federation on the excellent turnout for the tournament. We look forward to following the games over the course of the next 3 days.

19:40, Wednesday, 8th November, 2017

The 2017 Uganda Open gets under way at Forrest Cottages tomorrow morning. The event is set to attract well over 200 players and has been split into a FIDE Rated Open and an U/1600 section in order to accommodate the large entry.

The top seed is IM Arthur Ssegwanyi from Uganda who comes in boasting an impressive 2373 FIDE ELO. He is followed by IM Elijah Emojong as well as 3 FM's rated above 2200+.

With 16 players over 2000 in the field the competition is likely to be tough from the early rounds and upsets can no doubt be expected in the early going. The tournament is also expected to see a large number of local Ugandan players securing their first FIDE ratings and KCF would like to wish the 50+ players who find themselves in this position the best of luck for the event.

The round 1 draw is now posted at http://www.chess-results.com/tnr308457.aspx?lan=1&art=2&rd=1&turdet=YES&... and results and pairings will be available at this link as the tournament unfolds. There are currently 6 countries represented in the open including fairly large contingents from both Kenya and South Sudan.

The organizers hope to be able to broadcast games from the top boards at some stage during the tournament and we look forward to being able to provide the links as soon as these are available.

We wish all players the best of luck for the tournament.

16:16, Friday, 3rd November, 2017

The 2017 Uganda Open is the next event on the KCF Africa tournament calendar and entries have now topped 100.

The official hotel for the tournament will be the Legacy Courts which is located within walking distance of the tournament venue which is Forest Cottages in Kampala. Players who want further details of the available rooms can view them at

Any foreign based players who require accommodation are asked to contact the Tournament Director, Mr Emmanuel Mwaka. He will assist players to secure rooms according to their budget requirements.

The latest players list is now posted at
http://chess-results.com/tnr308457.aspx?lan=1. The players list will be updated regularly in the lead up to the tournament next week.

Players that still wish to play are asked to register online as soon as possible at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf9B4gOhbKqTD0PnHYRYuY7WLBLSWVo...

The full event brochure can also be downloaded at http://www.kcfafrica.com/sites/default/files/2017%20Uganda%20Open%20Ches... for anyone wanting further information on the event

12:32, Thursday, 2nd November, 2017

The national chess team from Sao Tome & Principe arrived home yesterday evening after participating in the CIV team chess invitational in Abidjan. They received a worthy welcome at Sao Tome International Airport from the local chess community after securing an impressive third place finish in the overall team standings.

The team also played another important role as they traveled through Ghana on their way home. They were finally able to collect a total of more than 175 boards and sets which have been stored by the Ghana Chess Association and held on behalf of the Sao Tome & Principe Chess Federation for almost 18 months.

The equipment was donated by KCF Africa at the end of 2016 and the event in Abidjan finally created an opportunity for this equipment to be collected and transported back to Sao Tome. The team was happy to oblige and used their luggage allowances to facilitate its transportation back home.

KCF Africa would like to thank Ms Christiana Ashley from the Ghana Chess Association for diligently storing and caring for the equipment over the course of the last 18 months.

We also wish to congratulate the entire Sao Tome team on their performance in Abidjan and we thank them for assisting us to ensure that the equipment is safely transported back to Sao Tome.

Access to quality chess equipment has been a challenge in Sao Tome & Principe for a long time and we know that these suppliers will be put to great use as soon as they are distributed to the local clubs and schools throughout the country.

06:29, Wednesday, 1st November, 2017

The 2017 Tanzania Open Chess Championship will be played as an 7 Round Open Swiss event at a rate of 90 minutes per player plus 30 seconds increment per move from round 1. The event forms part of the KCF 15th Year Anniversary series of events.

Full details are available from the event brochure which can be downloaded at http://www.kcfafrica.com/sites/default/files/2017%20Tanzania%20Open%20Po...

18:55, Monday, 30th October, 2017

The CIV Team Chess Invitational saw few surprises in the final round with the top 3 teams consolidating their positions at the top of the table. The top rated team from Nigeria eventually ended the tournament undefeated while Liberia and Sao Tome and Principe ended second and third respectively.

The main event was followed by a seven round individual rapid played at a rate of 10 minutes per player with an increment of 10 seconds per move. The event attracted a total of 52 players with a number of local club players joining the international field for this event.

This rapid tournament was won by CM Dieyi Roland from Nigeria with a score of 6/7. He ended ahead of a strong group of 4 players on 5.5 which consisted of FM Harmon Barcon from Liberia, CM Abiola Akinseye from Nigeria, Philip Ameku from Ghana and Justin Aka from Cote d'Ivoire.

Chess in West Africa is clearly undergoing a growth phase and the quality of the chess is noticeably improving from year to year. There is also an excellent spirit of camaraderie between the various teams and it is clear that the players enjoyed the opportunity to test themselves against their regional compatriots.

The final results from both the team and individual rapid events are available at the following links:

Team Results

Rapid Results

Results from the 15 candidates who wrote the FIDE arbiters exam will be published shortly once they are submitted and ratified by the FIDE Arbiters commission.

KCF Africa would like to thank all the teams who traveled to participate as well as IA Stephen Boyd who worked tirelessly throughout the course of the event to deliver the training seminar to the candidates.

We now look forward to our next events in Uganda and Tanzania which will both take place in the month of November.

09:02, Sunday, 29th October, 2017

Day 2 of the CIV Team Chess Invitational saw Nigeria and Liberia consolidate their lead at the top of the standings. These two teams have now pulled clear of the pack and seem destined to finish in the top two spots.

The team from Sao Tome & Principe has also played very well and the islanders are well placed to end third as they face the bottom placed CIV 4 team in the final round this morning.

A FIDE rated open swiss rapid event is also scheduled to take place on the last day and should attract a large field, as local players from the 15 local chess clubs in Abidjan join the international players for this event. The 15 candidates for the FIDE Arbiters exam will also be writing their paper and we wish them luck as they attempt to qualify as FIDE Arbiters.

KCF Africa would also like to congratulate Dr Essoh Essis who was unanimously re-elected as the President of the Federation Ivorian des Echecs (FIDEC) during the FIDEC General Assembly meeting held yesterday afternoon. The result represented a resounding endorsement for the tireless efforts of Dr Essis and his team who have been instrumental in developing chess in Cote d’Ivoire and in hosting and arranging this latest tournament.

The results and standings at the end of round 6 are now posted at http://chess-results.com/tnr310505.aspx?lan=1 for those wishing to access the latest results and standings.

11:08, Saturday, 28th October, 2017

Day one of the CIV Team Chess Invitational saw the teams complete three rounds at a time control of 75/75 + 30 seconds a move.

Nigeria lived up to their billing as the pre-tournament rating favorite but needed to overcome a stiff challenge from Liberia in round 3 to emerge as the sole leader at the end of the first days play. The 2.5-1.5 scoreline in this key round 3 encounter may well prove decisive at the end of the team tournament tomorrow.

Liberia, Sao Tome and Togo all recorded two wins and seem likely to be in the fight for second place.

The arbiters seminar has seen 15 attendees register including candidates from Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Sao Tome and Cote dIvoire. We wish them the best of luck as they prepare for the exam tomorrow afternoon.

Latest standings at the end of round 3 as well as the round 4 pairings are now posted at http://www.chess-results.com/tnr310390.aspx?lan=1

10:10, Friday, 27th October, 2017

The 2017 Cote d'Ivoire Team Chess Invitational is officially under way in Abidjan. Teams from Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Togo, Burkina Faso and Sao Tome have traveled for the event and are joined by 4 local teams from the host federation.

The top seeded team is Nigeria who boast an average rating of 2116 and have two candidate masters in their team.

The event is being hosted at the Olympic Village of the Francophone games and all matches are taking place in the Gymnase de I'INJS. The teams are also staying on-site and using the accommodation that was purpose built for the international athletes.

Pairings and results are available at http://chess-results.com/tnr309919.aspx?lan=1 and will be updated as the games unfold.

We wish all teams the best of luck for the tournament!

14:39, Friday, 20th October, 2017

The 2017 Uganda Open Chess Championships are shaping up very well and there are already more than 60 players registered to participate. The strong field us currently headed by local IM's Arthur Ssegwanyi (2373) and Elijah Emojong (2333). They will face stiff opposition however from the likes of FM Harold Wanyama (2290) and FM Haruna Nsubuga (2207).

The Kenyan challenge is currently headed by Githinji Hinga (2119) while their are also strong international players from Rwanda, Tanzania, Namibia and South Africa who are expected to register shortly.

The field is limited to approximately 150 players and preference will be given to players with FIDE ratings in order to maximize the opportunity for unrated players to secure their first FIDE ratings in the event. Players who do not have a FIDE rating will be ranked according to their URS ratings where available for pairing purposes.

The players list is now published at http://www.chess-results.com/tnr308457.aspx?lan=1 and will be updated regularly as entries are received.

The full event brochure can now be downloaded at http://www.kcfafrica.com/sites/default/files/2017%20Uganda%20Open%20Ches...

Players who have not yet registered and who wish to participate can register online at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf9B4gOhbKqTD0PnHYRYuY7WLBLSWVo...

This event is shaping up as one of the top events in East Africa this year and we look forward to partnering with the Uganda Chess Federation for what will be our first major tournament in the country.