Our Equipment Offerings

The Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa provides access to high quality chess boards, sets and clocks at an affordable price to assist with the development of the game across the African continent. We believe that this is critical to the development of the game as the costs of equipment remain a major challenge in many areas.

The equipment we offer currently includes standard plastic chess boards and sets, digital chess clocks, demonstration boards and giant chess sets. Many of our products can be supplied at prices which offer a significant discount to the standard retail prices of similar equipment in most African countries.

We are aiming to make quality chess equipment available to the African continent at a cost that makes the game more affordable. We have hence eliminated the middlemen to ensure that players can source basic equipment at an affordable price. Our prices are hence expected to represent at least a 30% - 40% reduction to the retail prices of similar equipment currently available in most African countries.

We accept orders on the following conditions:

  1. Orders can be placed by any national or provincial chess bodies as well as on behalf of unions, clubs or schools.
  2. All equipment is sold on the strict understanding that it is not to be on-sold or provided to end users at any further mark-up.
  3. Payment is required in advance prior to orders being dispatched.
  4. Shipments can be arranged to all African locations and formal quotes including delivery costs will be provided on request.
  5. All prices include VAT but are quoted excluding delivery charges.
  6. A minimum order size of at least 50 units is typically required for orders originating outside of South Africa.

To place orders, please download the order form and return to Mr Graham Jurgensen at Orders should please clearly state the volume of each item required as well as the names of the relevant institutions on behalf of which the orders are being placed.

Chess Sets

Board and Pieces with Plastic Box

Vinyl / PVC Board with pieces - R100.00
Plastic storage box for pieces - R15.00

We offer both vinyl and PVC (rigid) boards, which are supplied with plastic pieces and a plastic container. The boards are branded with KCF Africa and MiniChess logos.


DGT Clock (1001)


This is a basic count-down style clock that is perfect for schools and young children. It handles all basic time controls but does not cater for increments or secondary time controls.

LEAP Clock (PQ9903A)

On Special - R600.00

This digital chess clock has the full range of time control functions including 29 pre-set options. It caters for increment games as well as secondary time controls and delay modes.

LEAP Clock (PQ9912)


This digital chess clock is the latest offering from LEAP and now offers 38 pre-set options. The clock carries special KCF branding and caters for all increment and delay modes as well as secondary time controls.

DGT Clock (North American)


The DGT North American was developed for the US market where players typically play tournaments using delay time controls. It was later released globally. It is a full function clock which also offers increment modes that are identical to those featured in the DGT 2010.

DGT Clock (2010)


The DGT 2010 was the first clock to receive the status of official chess clock of the World Chess Federation. It is a full function clock which caters for increment games as well as secondary time controls and delay modes.

Demonstration Chess Sets

Metallic Demonstration Board

R1 250.00

This high quality metallic demonstration board is locally manufactured in South Africa and is ideal for coaches and schools. It folds in the middle for ease of packing.

Cloth Demonstration Board


This is a roll-up magnetic demonstration board with small but strong magnets to keep the pieces in place. It is supplied with a carry-bag for easy packing and transport between locations.

Giant Sets

We supply a large variety of garden and giant chess sets as set out below:

20cm Garden Set


King Height 20.3cm
Board 91.4cm * 91.4cm.

30cm Garden Set

R2 200.00

King Height 30.5cm
Board 140cm * 140cm

40cm Garden Set

R3 500.00

King Height 41cm
Board 165cm * 165cm

64cm Garden Set

R8 000.00

King Height 64cm
Board 2.75m * 2.75m

ChessSupreme Outdoor Set

R1 100.00

The ChessSupreme set consist of 2 inter-connecting parts which make this set extremely portable and suitable for both classroom and outdoor exercises.