The 1st Mogadishu Schools Junior Chess Tournament was recently held in Somalia and ended on the 2nd December 2017.

A total of 11 schools participated with pupils in attendance from:

1 Banaadir Zone Schools
2 Macca al Mubarak Schools
3 Dhagahtur School
4 Hoyga Hamar School
5 Mogadishu School
6 Bustalle School
7 Ileys School
8 Imamu Shafici School
9 Am Masal School
10 Wabari School, and
11 Jaabir School

The winners of the 3 main categories were:

u20 - Rushdi Ramadan Cabdow
u16 - Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed and
u12 - Mohamed Abdirahman Omer

KCF Africa wishes to congratulate the Somali Chess Federation which continues to develop the game throughout the country and we hope to see some of these youngsters emerging to represent their country in the years ahead.