Day 1 of the Uganda Open has progressed well and round 2 is currently under way. The playing hall is filled to capacity with more than 200 players participating between the two fields.

There were few major surprises in the first round and all the main favorites have progressed smoothly to date.

A pleasant surprise was the arrival of 5 DGT boards from Terrain Chess Academy in Kenya and live games will hopefully be available from round 3 once the required set-up can be completed overnight.

Round 2 pairings from the open event are available at

Round 2 pairings for the U1600 event can be found at

It is already clear that the event is going to be hard fought and KCF would like to congratulate the Ugandan Chess Federation on the excellent turnout for the tournament. We look forward to following the games over the course of the next 3 days.