The dramatic final round of the 7th Presidents Cup saw decisive results recorded on the top 14 boards as players fought it out to the last breath to secure top honors.

In the end, it was the board 1 victory of Haji CHARLES of Liberia over FM Simplice DEGONDO of Cote d'Ivoire that decided the event in the favor of the Liberian and denied Simplice an outright victory.

CM Adeyinka ADESINA of Nigeria also won his final round game and joined Haji on a fine total of 6/7. He secured the silver medal on tie-break.

Abelas SOYOYE of Nigeria was the only other player to remain undefeated throughout the tournament and he finished with an excellent 5.5/7 to claim the bronze medal.

The top ladies prize was shared between WFM Angela AYIKU and the GCA Secretary General Christiana ASHLEY who both recorded a commendable 3/6.

The prizes were awarded by Mr Danny Mawuenyega, who is the General Secretary of China Ghana Business Development Promotion as well as the International Secretary of Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International. He is also a chess enthusiast who will be supporting chess programs in Ghana in the future.

The final standings and cross-table for the event is now posted at while the available tournament games can be downloaded at by players who wish to access them.

We wish to congratulate the GCA on hosting an excellent tournament and we wish all the international travelers a safe journey as they return to their various homes across West Africa.

We also look forward to the next KCF Africa event in West Africa which will take place in Abidjan at the end of October!