Another MiniChess pilot program started running in Dar es Salaam in February 2018. The program started at Zanaki Primary School. This school became the first centre in Tanzania to start empowering the young minds in their care through the beautiful game of chess.

The program was initially accepted by the school to run as a once a week class of 45 minutes and it had 35 Grade 1 students attending using the sports period slot. A second group of 30 Grade 1 students has now joined the award winning program from the same school and two classes per week program are now being run.

The SOS Children Village also accepted the same proposal and they have a further 35 learners aged between 5-9 years participating. These classes are conducted once during each weekend as the SOS Village is dedicated to work with children who have lost parental care or are at risk of doing so. SOS provides a loving home for every child and they give the children the opportunity to build lasting relationships within a family and help them shape their own futures.

The pilot program lectures are being delivered by CM Nurdin Hassuji who is certified level one MiniChess trainer as well as the Secretary General of the Tanzania Chess Federation. He has already delivered more than a third of the level 1 program lessons and learners are enjoying it very much and always excited for the next class.

Nurdin is actively working on identifying local sponsors to further expand the program and he is also approaching more affluent schools who have the capability of funding the program on their own. We wish him luck as he continues to pioneer the MiniChess program in the heart of one of the largest countries in East Africa!