A KCF Africa pilot chess initiative in Zambia has slowly been gathering traction over the last few months and the program has resulted in 6 new chess clubs being created at 6 local primary schools in Livingston, Zambia.

Each club is staff with a locally based trainer who has been tasked with training the children and young adults attending the club. Lessons are provided twice a week with some of the classes attracting in excess of 100 pupils.
A total of 715 pupils are currently participating with each school having been equipped with between 30 and 50 chess boards and sets, as well as clocks and demonstration boards.

The participating schools are Mujala Primary, Zambezi Primary; Libuyu Primary; Maria Assumpta Primary; Nakatindi Primary and Highlands Primary. The local trainers are Bright Muyenga, Anna Mbewe, and Joster Kandandwe. Bright and Anna both relocated from Lusaka in May to help start the program and all three trainers have already had an incredible impact on the lives of the children that are participating in the program.

The program is the result of a collaboration between KCF Africa and the Chris Flowers Family Foundation which also does invaluable work fighting Malaria in Zimbabwe, Zambia. Angola and Namibia. The local trainers have also received support from the Zone 5 Chairman Mr Habeenzu Mweetwa and from the local branches of the Anglican Diocese.

The Flowers Foundation were recently able to send one of their key employees (Ms Rebecca Buffington) to visit the schools. Rebecca visited two locations and spent time with the trainers, teachers, headmasters and pupils. They were able to provide her with first-hand feedback and also showcase a small portion of the the work that they have managed to cover since the launched in May 2018.

A sister program is expected to launch on the Zimbabwe side of the border later this month and we expect to see in excess of 1500 learners benefiting as soon as the schools in Victoria Falls start the program. In time, we expect opportunities to arise to allow for cross border school tournaments and this is already something that is being planned for the course of the 2019 calendar year.

KCF Africa would like to extend our humble thanks to the Flowers Foundation for taking hands with us and we look forward to watching this exciting new program grow and develop in the future!