Fresh from a second place finish in the Abu Dhabi Masters, GM Nigel Short will be returning to Southern Africa early next month! KCF Africa is delighted to announce that Nigel is expected to visit Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique as part of a 4 country tour of the region.

The tour has been made possible thanks largely to the initiative and perseverance of the Talking Squares Chess Trust in Botswana. Founded by FA Kenny Boikhutswane in October 2016, they initiated the original negotiations with Nigel and secured the necessary sponsorships which have enabled him to return to Africa. Talking Squares Chess Trust subsequently agreed to allow KCF Africa to leverage his presence in the region to arrange additional short visits to Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique in conjunction with the local chess federations in each of these three additional countries.

Nigel will commence his tour activities in Botswana on the 5th September and will remain in Southern African region until the 19th September. During this time he will conduct a series of lectures, exhibitions and training events in each country and meet with leaders of local corporates who are interested in developing chess in the region. His last visit to Africa proved to be highly successful and saw him emerge as the winner of the 2015 South African Open while he also used the opportunity to conducted a series of training events and exhibitions in Kenya.

KCF looks forward to welcoming Nigel back to Africa and we wish to thank the local corporates and federations who are partnering with us to make his tour a success. We are especially grateful to Talking Squares Chess Trust and their sponsors (Boitekanelo Group, Innolead Consulting, Collins Chilisa Consultants and Kobe Trading) in Botswana, who have contributed significant financial resources towards making Nigel’s visit a reality.

We also wish to thank the BMI Hotel Group in Lesotho and the Swaziland National Sports and Recreation Council in Swaziland who will be partnering with their local chess federations to ensure the success of Nigel's visits to Lesotho and Swaziland respectively.

We look forward to welcoming Nigel back to Africa next month!