The 2017 SA Open eventually attracted more than 450 players and was dominated by Indian GM Sahaj Grover who eventually won all three of the major tournaments (SA Open, SA Rapid and SA Blitz).

This was the second time that Sahaj has visited South Africa within the last three months after his strong performances in the PSS Rapid and the Capablanca Open tournaments earlier this year.

KCF wishes to congratulate Sahaj on a great performance and we also extend our congratulations to IM Daniel Jere (2nd), IM Rodwell Makoto (3rd) and IM Watu Kobese who ended as the highest placed South African to qualify for the SA Closed at the end of the year.

Chessbase has also published a nice report on the event which was written by the tournament director Mr Erick Takawira. Full details can be read at